December 11, 2013

Rapper Riderman sets date of his album launch

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m_Countdown to Riderman’s album launch

Rwanda’s superstar Emily Gatsinzi aka Riderman revealed the date on which he will launch his new album dubbed Igikona.

Igikona album will be launched on 21st December 2013 at Petite stadium Remera and it will feature all new songs of Riderman including famous Horo song.

Speaking to in a phone interview, Riderman urged his music supporters not to miss out the energetic concert.

“Everything is set to rock music fans in style as they celebrate Christmas and it will be one of the biggest shows of Riderman in 2013,” says Riderman.

The Igitaganza hit maker promised to communicate the entrance fee later through media after discussing with promoters.

The launch will include performances from local artistes including Kamichi, Austin, Jay Polly and Amagi the black.

Riderman boasts of songs like Pili pili, Horo, Rutenderi and many featuring other artistes.

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