December 24, 2013

Relationship turns sour between Riderman and local celebrity website

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Relationship turns sour between Riderman and local celebrity website

Riderman performs during his album launch Igikona

It goes without saying that the role of the media in promoting musicians cannot go unnoticed. In an industry that is quickly growing and exponentially expanding each day, artists are desperately scrambling for attention through the media.

 To get an idea on how this industry works a flashback of some of the artists that have disappeared after falling out with the media would do some good. The likes of Diplomate and RG know a thing or two about messing up with the press.

From grace to grass

Such demises have come unexpectedly and suddenly at the same time. While Diplomate was soaring in unbelievable success in mid 2000’s, his abrupt and impulsive fall was implausibly startling.

And such flashbacks always seem to come up whenever there’s a rumor of a musician falling out with the media.

Of late it’s rapper Riderman who is said to have had a “beef” with a local celebrity website, after he turned down an invitation to their annual gig called Inyarwanda Fans Hangout. Riderman apparently refused to attend the event which took place on Friday 20th December.

Unconfirmed reports point that the developments forced the editors of the website to withdraw the coverage of the rapper’s album launch that took place a day after.

 Inyarwanda Fans Hangout is considered as a platform where musicians, movie actors and celebrities meet with their fans and interact freely. Riderman’s reluctance to attend may signal a rift that may well widen if no amends are made sooner rather than later.

Another celebrated female musician Ciney was forced to issue an apology on her Facebook page after she failed to make to the event. Ciney had been invited to attend Ndule Awards ceremony in Democratic Republic of Congo, an event that coincided with Inyarwanda Fans Hangout.

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