January 30, 2014

Stromae’s nationality debate takes new twist

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Stromae’s nationality debate takes new twist

Belgian Singer Stromae

 The ongoing debate of whether Belgian-based musician Stromae holds a Rwandese nationality has taken a new twist as veteran singer and prosecutor Alain Muku has categorically clarified the former is a pure Belgian.

Stromae was nominated in Best Diaspora Recognition Award category in Salax Music Awards alongside Ben Kayiranga, Meddy, The Ben and K8 Kavuyo.

It is then that an endless debate was sparked after the announcement that the twenty nine- year old would be in contention of the award. Some argued that since Stromae’s biological father was a Rwandan, then the singer was himself a Rwandan as well. But singer Alain Muku, who also serves as a high ranking prosecutor, has come forward to clarify on the matter.

Speaking to a local daily newspaper, Muku said, “If a person’s parents hold two different nationalities then that person will pick the nationality of whichever parent he/she prefers. In Stromae’s case he chose the Belgian nationality which means he is not a Rwandan at all.”

Stromae’s nationality debate takes new twist2

Alain Muku

It’s not known whether the latest developments will in anyway influence Ikirezi Group Ltd to change their stance, but reliable sources in Belgium point that Stromae is among the few musicians in Belgium who ever turn up at any given event organized by the Rwandan Diaspora.

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