February 11, 2014

Rafiki announces long-term partership with Makonikoshwa

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m_Rafiki announces long-term partership with Makonikoshwa


After a long absence from the music scene, veteran singer Rafiki has announced plans to stage a strong comeback.

The king of Coga Style’s music career appeared to be on the brink of collapse after he disappeared from the music scene for a long time.

Speaking to a celebrity show called Sunday Night on Isango Star FM, Rafiki disclosed that he intends to link up with his counterpart Makonikoshwa to achieve this. He said, “He is certainly an experienced musician, one that would be interesting to work with. I hope our partnership will yield something definitely.”

Meanwhile the two are warming up for one of their biggest concerts in Kabuga on the outskirts of Kigali which will feature Alioni and Green P on Valentine’s Day.

Makonikoshwa went ahead to acknowledge that competition has become stiffer in today’s music industry compared to the mid 2000’s when they freely dominated the airwaves

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