February 13, 2014

Music saved me, says singer Humbble

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Music saved me says singer Humbble

Humble Gizzo

Local Afro beat music group Urban Boy’s rapper James Manzi aka Humble Gizzo praises music for making him a recognized person in the society.

The rapper disclosed the information to relating to fellow artistes who claim that music business in Rwanda doesn’t sale.

 “My whole life has changed into a fabulous one because of music and I don’t think my life would be like this despite having a degree,” says Manzi.

Manzi added, I pay school dues for my siblings, dress smartly, drive a car and above all, am respected in the society.

Rwandan artists continue to prosper in music industry although the industry is not yet mature like other music industries in neighboring countries like Uganda.

Manzi aka Hubble hails from Eastern province of Rwanda and is a member of talented trio group Urban Boys as the only rapper.

According to the singer, he started rapping in 2000 while imitating rappers like Coolio, LL Cool J back in the days at National University of Rwanda.

Hubble promised also to support any willing citizen especially youth to make his/her dream come true.

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