February 13, 2014

P-Fla calls Jay Polly disrespectful for lashing at him

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calls Jay Polly disrespectful for lashing at him

Rapper P-Fla has described Jay Polly as a disrespectful person after the latter’s encrypted lyrics in his newest tracks Revolution and Ku Musenyi that are directed at him.

P-Fla’s latest comments come after the two were involved in yet another ugly row. And P-Fla feels this was all sparked by Jay Polly whom he goes ahead to call “sly” and unpredictable.

The two were once close members of Tuff Gang crew alongside Fireman and Bulldog before splitting up acrimoniously, but P-Fla says he had decided to bury the hatchet until Jay Polly revived the rivalry.

P-Fla said, “Jay Polly was once a close friend of mine during our time in Tuff Gang but I came to realize he was sly. I appreciated him very much but to my disappointment I came to find out he was not an honest person.”

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