February 19, 2014

Fans turn heat on King James

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m_Fans turn heat on King James

King James has once again come under scrutiny after sections of his fans showed disgruntlement of the former’s unwillingness to take on music lessons. James, who is enjoying an immensely successful career, is among the many Rwandan artists that cannot play a single music instrument.

As posted on King James’s fan page on Facebook, the debate evoked the once famous discussion about playback music and a lack of musical knowledge among our music stars. Also in the same basket is rapper Riderman who, it is believed, cannot even play a piano!

Nonetheless, the opinions drawn on the subject have varied form artist to artist. Ben Kayiranga, a respected singer and composer based in the Diaspora, recently declared that musicians ought not to necessarily have the skills to play music instruments, but instead insisted that they should have the charisma to charm their fans.

The debate also touched on the high amount of fees charged by local celebrities while they don’t offer live music opting for playbacks instead. King James is among the musicians that charge the highest amount for his concerts with rumors suggesting the star pockets close to one million Rwandan francs per concert.

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