February 25, 2014

Senderi thrills Ngoma town residents

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Senderi thrills Ngoma town residents

Senderi at the launch

Afro beat singer Eric Senderi aka International Hit rocked Ngoma town residents on Saturday February 22nd while launching his first ever music album dubbed Nsomyaho.

The singer finally decided to drop an album after more than fifteen years in music industry. The album is composed of 15 songs out of his original recorded 148 songs.

The launch was well attended by music fans since the ticket to the show was only registering for Airtel mobile money as the main sponsors of the launch.

While speaking to, singer Senderi explained why he opted to only put 15 songs on the album out all his songs.

“I only considered 15 popular songs out of 148 on the new album but I plan to launch again the Genocide mourning period because I have many songs that talk about the tragedy of 1994 genocide against Tutsi,” says Senderi.

He added that, he will also stage various shows in different provinces to promote his music across the country.

Various local artists graced the launch including Jay Polly, Amagi the Black, Social Mula and many more.

Senderi boasts of songs like Nsomyaho, Kaachi, Jaruzi and other songs promoting government programs like Nsukura Umujyi.

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