May 21, 2014

Tom Close dismisses divorce rumours

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Tom Close dismisses divorce rumours

Tom Close with wife Tricia during their traditional introduction

RnB artist, Dr Tom Close refuted media reports that he broke up with his newlywed wife, Tricia.

Tabloids suggested the newlywed couple secretly separated and Tricia  took off with household property.

Tom Close released a statement on 19th, May, refuting the rumour on his social network pages. The statement is as follows;

  1. Me and my wife got married and united our property, I don’t see why some people can say that she stole my property and run away yet she’s allowed by the law to have them.
  2. We got married on 30th Nov 2013 and we can have a baby normally after nine months, so those who know how to calculate can check. Those that spread false news if they find out that they were wrong should remember to ask for forgiveness.
  3.  Celebrities are like any other human beings, there are many families that are living happily in love through ups and downs. My family with Tricia Ange Niyoncuti is among them.
  4. I never asked you to wait for our separation, but rather wait for us to have kids and prosper in life and maybe be, separated by death or grow old togther.
  5. I settled down after thinking about it without putting into consideration other options, so those behind the rumor should deal with the loss.

Tom Close has been a target for different rumours, suggesting dismissal from school, separation, name it, but the artist has always proved he wasn’t in the wrong.

Tom Close hails from Kina music and boasts songs like Mama wa abana.


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