August 7, 2014

Young Grace signed migrates to incredible records

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Rapper Young Grace

Rapper Young Grace

Young grace, one of the upcoming local female rappers has made a great step in her career as reports assert that she has been signed into incredible records as one of the new artists in the label to replace Active group that quit the label recently.

“We have signed more than three established artists and rapper Young Grace is among them, so soon the public will see the deal through action,” said Bernard Bagenzi, the founder of the Incredible Records during a talk show with one of the local radio stations.

He said that future plans of the label include new signed artists to represent the label.

The 20 year female hip hop star started her music career in 2010 from Top Sai 5 Studios and she has worked with various labels including The super level, Touch records until she gained a permanent position in incredible records.

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