August 29, 2014

Yawe video coming soon

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m_Yawe video coming soon

Urban Boyz on a recent tour in Nigeria


Afro beat trio Urban Boyz are set to release their new video of Yawe club song and the shooting is done as we write this.

“We are done with shooting Yawe video and soon it will hit music stores before even we jet off to Belgium,”

The information was disclosed by Urban Boyz singer Ahmed Nizzo while speaking about their music tour to Belgium next month.

Urban Boyz and other big stars from Rwanda will be hosted by Team Production Company as it celebrates 15 years of entertainment working in countries like France, Belgium and others.

The Yawe song is rocking local night clubs and urban radio stations as one of the best club songs with Nigerian beats.

Recently Urban Boyz made history when their song Tayali featuring Nigerian star Inyanya appeared on Africa’s recognized music channel Trace television based in South Africa.

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