August 29, 2014

Singer Nyamitali releases new video

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Former gospel artist Patrick Nyamitali premiered his latest video dubbed “Sinsiganwa” to keep music fans on the grid.

In the new video the singer talks about being patient and wait for the true love of his life.

While speaking to, Nyamitali explained more about the video and promised to release more new songs.

“What is meant for you will definitely be yours, so no need to rush for what is not meant for you. That’s the message I wanted to give out to the people especially those in complicated relationships,” says singer Patrick Nyamitali.

m_Singer Nyamitali releases new video

Ex-gospel artist now RnB star Patrick Nyamitali  

Nyamitali also promised to release more songs and stage various shows towards the end of this year.

The former gospel artiste recently revealed that he is working on project with the Uganda’s song bird Julian Kanyomozi.

Nyamitali’s songs include Ishimwe, Niwe Mesiya and Uri imana.

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