September 1, 2014

Alex Muyoboke plans to stage mega concerts

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m_Alex Muyoboke plans to stage mega concerts

Manager Alex Muyoboke

Celebrated music talent manager and former manager of Urban Boys Alex Muyoboke is in preparations to throw various concerts where all artists he managed will appear on the same stage. Muyoboke told on Friday.

“I am planning concerts for those artists I managed along the way together with East African artists they did collabos with during my reign,” says Alex Muyoboke.

Muyoboke added that, “planning for the concerts is still in its early stage but be rest assured that such concerts will take place soon”.

Alex tasted the lime light while managing the then RnB youngster Tom Close and helped him secure a hit collabo with Uganda’s finest music duo Radio and Weasel dubbed Mama w’abana and Baza featuring Burundian super star Big Furious.

Soon after falling out with Tom Close, Alex signed with Dream Boyz crew and also helped the duo record a hit song dubbed No One like you featuring Uganda’s Eddy Kenzo.

m_Tom Close, Dream Boyz and Urban Boyz all passed through Muyoboke’s hands

Tom Close, Dream Boyz and Urban Boyz all passed through Muyoboke’s hands

Later in 2012, Alex started managing Urban Boyz until October 2013 when they parted ways after winning several awards and recording with finest musicians like Jackie Chandiru.

In 2014 he started working with upcoming singers Social Mula and Kid Gaju who also parted ways after securing him a deal to work with songbird Cindy in hit song dubbed Gahunda which is rocking local airwaves currently.

Upcoming artists that got a chance to be supported by Alex Muyoboke also Social Mula and Kid Gaju

Upcoming artists that got a chance to be supported by Alex Muyoboke also Social Mula and Kid Gaju

“If this works out, Rwandan music fans will again be ready to enjoy East African music finest like Burundian Big Farious, Uganda’s Cindy, Eddy Kenzo, Radio and Weasel live performing in Kigali” Muyoboke explained

Alex is also known for supporting artists like Tom Close, Dream Boyz and Urban Boyz to collaborate with music heavy weights in East Africa as well as scooping Salaax awards.

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