January 22, 2014

Christopher woos fans ahead of album launch

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Christopher woos fans ahead of album launch

Singer Christopher

Singer Christopher has stepped up his campaign to woo his fans ahead of the album launch slated for 15th February. 

The RnB singer has taken to Facebook and Twitter accounts to start a vigorous campaign that will see him officially launch his ever first album called Habona.

Speaking to a celebrity radio magazine dubbed Ten Super Star on Radio 10, the star urged his fans to come in massive numbers to give him a boost.

He said, “It will be my first album so I want to give something special to my fans. The more in numbers they will be, the more exciting it will be.

Christopher will be hoping the odds don’t turn against him, having seen a number of artistes launch their albums but to their dismay, the turnouts were disappointingly low. Uncle Austin, Urban Boyz and Kamichi all had a share of misfortunes during their respective album launches. However, Christopher can draw inspiration from fellow musician Riderman whose turnout during his launch entitled Igikona was satisfactory.

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