February 16, 2014

DJ Bob renews rivalry with Zizou

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m_DJ Bob renews rivalry with Zizou

DJ Zizou

Renowned disc jockey Bob has re-ignited the feud with his fierce rivalry Zizou by claiming the latter is “a dwarf” and adding that Zizou’s time in music industry might be over.

DJ Bob, a strong critic of Zizou claims he intends to make a comeback that will by no means oust him in music scene.

Bob’s claims come amid further indications he has gone underground and has been outshone by Zizou who has been shining brilliantly of late. The latter’s performances are evident to everyone’s eye including having won an accolade at Salax Music Awards for Song of the Year in 2013.

m_DJ Bob renews rivalry with Zizou1

Dj Bob

The day to day surge in popularity by Zizou has served as a thorn in Bob’s flesh which prompted him to make the revelations. He said, “Time for dwarfs to quit the music industry and leave it for the experienced ones!”

Zizou has not yet responded to the confrontation and could neither be reached for comment.

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