February 21, 2014

Singer Khizz reveals why he is off the music scene

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m_Singer Khizz reveals why he is off the music scene

Khizz Kizito

Local RnB sensational singer Khizz Kizito says that he is currently focusing on personal business out of music but in May he will drop more new songs.

This comes after music fans continued to ask the whereabouts of Celebrations singer who last staged a show late 2013 in Muhanga town.

Speaking to Tukabyine.com, singer Khizz explained in details the reasons why he is missing on both social and music scene.

“I am busy doing personal business out of music but I promise to put a smile on faces of my music fans early May,” says Khizz Kizito.

He added that, people should expect more quality music and an album before this year ends but new songs will start coming out in the start of May.

The star graduated in ICT at KIST and doubles music with his profession which pays studio fee most of the times.

Khizz started music way back in 2010 while at school and is rated as one of the best male artist with a strong musical voice.

Khizz boasts of songs like Uwagukurikira, Celebratios and many other collabos with established artistes like Tom Close and Uncle Austin.

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