July 3, 2014

I listen to lots of Christopher’s music, Kid Gaju

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I listen to lots of Christopher’s music, Kid Gaju

Kid Gaju

Afro beat singer Kid Gaju revealed that he loves singer Christopher’s music talent and likes listening to his music.

The Mama Bebe hit maker disclosed the information recently when he was hosted live on KT Radio 96.7 at the show, The spotlight.

 “In Rwanda, Christopher is my artiste and I listen to his music regularly,” says Kid Gaju.

Christopher is a new breed on local R&B music scene from Kina Music and boasts of songs like Habona, Babyumva and many more.

Gaju is a promising Afro beat music star and recently dropped a new track dubbed Gahunda featuring Uganda’s song bird Cindy.

The Ibyiza byabagore star also plans a mega album launch late this year and it will be graced by artistes like Radio and Weasel.

Gaju boasts of songs like Tokazaman, Tornado, Ngabira agatabi and many others.

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