July 18, 2014

Singers Alpha, Kidumu, Radio& Weasel in a collabo

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m_Singers Alpha, Kidumu, Radio& Weasel in a collabo

Artists Weasel, producer Pastor P, Alpha, Radio and Kidumu in Narrow road studios

Local Afro beat singer Alpha Rwirangira is set to collaborate in a song featuring East Africa’s music icons Kidumu, Radio and Weasel.

The new song is already in final stages and is being worked on by celebrated audio producer Pastor P in Narrow road studio.

The information was disclosed to Tukabyine.com by singer Alpha Rwirangira over the weekend.

“Soon I will release a super hit song featuring Radio, Weasel and Burundian singer Kidumu,” says Alpha Rwirangira.

Alpha added that, we have already finished recording the audio song and it’s in early stages of production in Narrow Road Empire.

Alpha met the singers last week as both Kidumu and Radio & Weasel were in the country for various concerts on Friday and Saturday.

He boasts of songs like Heaven, Beautiful, She doesn’t know and many other featuring regional artistes like Kidum and Bebe Cool.

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