July 30, 2014

I don’t father kids anyhow – singer Mico

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m_I don’t father kids anyhow - singer Mico

Singer Mico

Afro beat singer Mico Prosper aka The best refuted reports of impregnating one of his video vixens.

This comes following stories in various tabloids that the singer impregnated a girl and dumped her in order to keep his kid’s mother close.

While speaking to a local popular Radio talk show on Sunday night, singer Mico refuted the reports and made it clear that he hasn’t even had sex for months.

 “I don’t father kids anyhow and I did not make love to any woman in recent months, so those are baseless rumors,” says singer Mico.

The fast fading artist hails from The super level music label and recently released a song dubbed Icya cumi which was also criticized for promoting prostitution.

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