September 1, 2014

Local cultural artists plan mega concert

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m_Local cultural artists plan mega concert

Legend Mariya Yohana famous for liberation song Intsinzi


Rwanda’s celebrated cultural musicians are set to thrill traditional music lovers across the country in one mega concert on September 13.

The mega cultural concert dubbed “Hobe Rwanda” will feature singers like Mani Martin, Gakondo group, Ben Nganji, Inganzo Ngari, Inganji Mu Nganzo and legendary singer Mariya Yohana.

m_Cultural singers Masamba and Jules Sentore of Gakondo group

Cultural singers Masamba and Jules Sentore of Gakondo group

The show aims at promoting Rwandan culture as well as strengthening cultural music among the youths who prefers western music now days than music highlighting their roots.

Speaking to the press, singer Mani Martin being one of the organizers and artist to perform explained more about the concert.

“The show aims at promoting Rwandan culture as well as music cultural genre and showcasing the greatness of cultural music to young generation,” says Man Martin.

Martin added that, most of the celebrated music icons in Africa especially from West Africa conquered international music scene through cultural music.

The show is slated to take place at Serena hotel with entry fee of Rwf 5000 and 10,000 for golden tickets.

Rwanda prides in its unique culture spiced by people speaking one language which is different from other African nations that have many languages.


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